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By switching to solar you can greatly reduce the amount of electricity you use from the grid.

Solar hot water and solar power produce no CO2. They are completely renewable, sustainable and scalable.

Skyrocketing electricity prices and higher winter power consumption are putting solar water heating and solar power generation back in the limelight as viable and conscientious choices of home energy.

Mid Coast Solahart and Plumbing have spent more than 30 years fitting and installing solar hot water systems and solar panels in Port Macquarie and surrounding suburbs, and are your local authorised Solarhart dealer.

Because we are local, we understand your needs, and our team of qualified solar personnel can advise you on the right combination of solar products that will save you money and suit your requirements.

We can supply, fit and install your choice of solar photovoltaic panels (solar power systems), solar water heating, solar pool heating, split system solar water systems and heat pumps without fuss and on time.

We are also your local agents for Skydome and Windmaster™. With a Solahart solar hot water heater you’ll enjoy big energy savings, and you’ll be using the sun’s free energy to heat your water, so you can reduce your hot water energy use by a huge 50-90%. Imagine the savings in your energy use EVERY YEAR. And as energy costs continue to rise you’ll be very glad you made the switch to solar hot water.

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