Solahart’s solar hot water systems

Solahart Products available at Mid Coast Solar

Solahart’s solar hot water systems use a range of technologies to provide efficient and cost effective solutions of all of Australia’s climates. The key technologies are: Thermosiphon Roof Mounted Systems – Streamline Split Systems – Heat Pumps

Two Great Ways to Save: Switching on to the sun, the world’s most natural energy source, is a great way to beat rising energy costs. By combining solar water heating and solar power you can

Skydome skylights

Skydome Products available at Mid Coast Solar

Whether you are building a new home, a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation or renovating any room in your home, a Skydome skylight will make a dramatic and welcome change.

A Skydome traditional skylight will suit most types of roofing profiles: corrugated, metal deck & tile. Robustly built roof flashings for the tough Australian climate have been foremost in our consideration. Every Skydome skylight comes with a 7 year guarantee of manufacture and workmanship. For further protection, each dome is manufactured using Skyguard, eliminating 99% of harmful UV rays.

Sunlover pool heating solar systems & pool solar blankets

Sunlover Products available at Mid Coast Solar

Sunlover Heating solar systems deliver the ‘swim when you want’ lifestyle – that adds value to your pool. Today, Sunlover Heating applies state of the art systems design and polymer engineering to its solar absorber products to deliver the lowest cost and most reliable heating you can get for your pool.

Sunlover Heating solar blankets complement your ‘swim when you want lifestyle’ to add value to your pool. Evaporation is constant through winter and peaks in summer when warm water, low humidity and summer breezes combine. “Topping up” this loss is equal to refilling your pool about every 12 months. A Sunlover Heating solar blanket will stop 97% of that evaporation. That saves about 52,000 litres of water a year.

Edmonds Whirlybirds

Edmonds Whirlybirds Products available at Mid Coast Solar

Whirlybirds by Edmonds are the answer for ventilation for residential, commerial and industrial applications. Benefits include comfort, heat reduction, moisture reduction, air quality, ventilation in cold climates and pest control.

Multi-Residential Ventilation – Roof Space Ventilation – Living Space Ventilation – Whirly Mate Ceiling Grilles

All-Flow gutter guards

All-Flow products available at Mid Coast Solar

All-Flow gutter guards have a 15 year guarantee, and when this system is installed it basically extends the roofline to the outer edge of the gutter, creating a ‘leaf guard’ ensuring the leaves are not trapped but are actually suspended on the mesh screen. Normal wind actions then dry and disperse the leaves which fall to the ground, which eliminates leaf and debris in gutters. Ideal for tank water collection, reduces fire hazard and creates an excellent barrier against birds and vermin.