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Solahart Solar Hot Water

split-systemAll Solahart solar hot water systems, where the tank is roof- mounted, use the Thermosiphon principle to collect heat from the sun and transfer it to your hot water. The Thermosiphon principle is based on two naturally occurring phenomena:

  • Dark objects absorb heat
  • Hot water rises

thermosiphon-roof-mountedAll Solahart collector panels are coated with a dark, heat-absorbent surface. This coating absorbs the suns rays and heats the fluid in the collector panel. As the fluid heats, it rises to the top of the collector panel and into the tank where it displaces cooler fluid which flows in to the bottom of the collector panel where the process is repeated.

The greater the temperature difference between the fluid in the collector panels and the water in the tank the faster the flow between them.

In open circuit systems the fluid in the collector panel is water while in closed circuit systems a special antifreeze fluid called, Hartgard, is used.

Solar Power Panels

Solar panels on roof

Solahart was one of the first companies in the world to recognise the value of the sun’s free energy.

We pioneered solar water heating in Australia in 1953. Since then we have installed over 1 million systems in over 70 countries and have become a world leader in the field of solar energy.

Today our PV systems are amongst the most efficient in the world, offering big energy savings to homeowners who switch to energy free from the sun.

Our extensive network of Solahart Experts are qualified to assess your home and provide you with the best systems to meet your family’s needs. Our installers are trained to the highest standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your system.

All this is backed by our comprehensive warranties and the peace of mind you’ll get from dealing with Australia’s solar pioneer.